February Nationality Mix at BBELS

A graph detailing the BBELS nationality mix for February 2019

It’s already February (!!) and our students at BBELS are enjoying dynamic lessons throughout the day and beautiful summer weather before and after class.

We are especially pleased to have such a diverse nationality mix at the school. Our students are meeting people from countries whose cultures are very different from their own. Studying with classmates from different countries (and different continents!) is one of the most satisfying experiences for our students. They enjoy the exposure to cultural differences and also make friends for life.

If you are interested in studying English with an international class, contact us at info@bbels.com.au or visit our website.

Excursion to Broken Head

Summer may have finished but there is still a lot of sunshine to be enjoyed here in the Byron Bay region. This week our pre-intermediate class spent a beautiful morning at the Broken Head nature reserve where they learned new vocabulary to describe the plants and animals found at the beach.

Looking north to Byron Bay

The class walked through the littoral forest (beach side forest) and then walked into the sunshine where they had a great view to the neighbouring beaches. It’s always such a great experience to take the students outside the classroom and show them the different areas around the region. It is both refreshing and encourages a new type of learning.

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CPE results. Congratulations to Femke.

Femke with her teacher Kat

A big congratulations to Femke, our lovely student from the Netherlands, who completed the CPE Boost course of study at BBELS. She has just received the happy news of her success in passing the exam.

The Cambridge proficiency exam is a demanding exam and she was nervous about getting through it but Femke worked hard with her teacher to prepare. Well done Femke and good luck with your further studies.

We would also like to  congratulate Kat, our CPE teacher, for all the hard work and dedication that she directed towards Femke during the course. Kat always receives such positive feedback from her students for her caring approach to her classes.

If you would like to know more about our Cambridge Proficiency preparation classes or about any of our other courses please contact us at info@bbels.com.au or visit our website.

Wherever there are friends, there is a party!


School life at BBELS is not only about learning but also about spending time with your friends and getting to know people from many different countries. It is another important aspect of your experience here in Byron Bay.

That’s why we offer a variety of parties and fun activities at our school. From regular school parties to poker game nights to DJ nights with special guests at the Laneway Café (previously Café Oska), we have it all!


Our regular school parties are held every two weeks on Friday evening. You can have a nice time with all the students from BBELS and enjoy some great live music on the school’s balcony.

A special event, which usually takes place five or six times per year, is our Buddy Barbecue. In this case, every student gets his or her own Buddy who will be their partner for the free barbecue dinner. We mix all the students so that they are not from the same class and not from the same country. Therefore it is a great opportunity for them to get to know other students of different nationalities and to have an interesting conversation in English.


What’s more we organise an international student party night at BBELS and for that event we invite not only our students but also the students from other schools and colleges here in Byron Bay. During summer it takes place once every month.

And there’s more! Depending on the number of students who are interested we have a poker game each Monday. Here you can practice your poker skills for the real competition which might be waiting for you.


If you are not interested in playing poker, you can join one of our Open Balconies which are held on a Wednesday evening once or twice per month. It is an informal get-together for our students to relax on the school’s balcony with their friends.

Enjoy your time at BBELS!

Happy New Year from BBELS


Our first new group of students for 2016

Happy New Year to all of our students, both past and present. We hope that you enjoyed the holiday over Christmas and that you have entered 2016 with a feeling of optimism for all the exciting things you will achieve this year.

Here at BBELS we have started 2016 with a very friendly group of students who have come to study General English, IELTS, and the Cambridge exams. We have a big range of nationalities here at the moment, including students from Switzerland, Japan, South  Korea, Brazil, the Netherlands, Argentina, Chile, Belgium, France, Spain, Colombia, Norway, Sweden, Taiwan, Germany, Italy.

We know that this culturally diverse group of students will soon make strong friendships here at the school. From all of us at BBELS, good luck for 2016!

Meet the students: Monica from Mexico


As summer gets closer the variety of nationalities studying here at Byron Bay English Language School is increasing. At the moment we have students from France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Argentina, Spain, Korea, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Italy, Belgium, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Chile, New Caledonia, Colombia, Mexico. This cultural diversity makes studying at BBELS a very rewarding experience.

In today’s post we are introducing you to Monica from Mexico. She is studying in our IELTS class and is working at one of Byron Bay’s elite restaurants.

Why did you decide to come to Australia?

First, because I love to travel, learn about different places and grow as a person through experiences and adventures. In addition, I grew up in Mexico City which is one of the biggest cities in the world and I wanted to find a place where I can be in touch with nature, enjoy a slower pace of life and be able to appreciate the little thing in life, such as seeing a sunset in the beach or drinking a cup of tea with my friends. These activities perfectly describe a regular afternoon in Byron Bay.

How long have you been studying in Australia?

I have been studying in Australia at BBELS for three weeks now. I’m in the IELTS preparation course, learning a lot every day and really enjoying it.

What do you like best about BBELS?

I like everything! 🙂 the fact that the teachers and everyone who is part of the staff are totally interested in what the students need and care how they could help to make our experience better. Learning English at BBELS is the perfect place to study, improve your knowledge and at the same time make friends from all around the world while you enjoy all the amazing activities the school has for us.


You are a chef, tell us about your job:

I’m working as a chef in “The Fig Tree Restaurant” in Byron Bay, which is a beautiful place that does weddings and special functions. They have an amazing international staff, a stunning venue and a veggie garden where we get our own fresh and delicious ingredients to cook every day. I’m learning everyday something new and I’m totally grateful for the amazing opportunity to be part of one of the best restaurants in Byron Bay.

What do you like about Byron Bay?

I would like to say that I can declare myself totally in love with Byron Bay. In general people in Byron Bay are kind and relaxed. The vibe that surrounds the place makes me feel blessed and alive. I love that there is music all around, awesome beaches, and of course, one of the reasons I love Byron is due to my school.

Understanding General English Courses at Byron Bay English Language School

General English photo

General English is the most popular English course at BBELS. Students can choose between studying part-time or full-time depending on their type of visa and length of their study period.

BBELS offers 5 different levels of General English courses: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced. Students are allocated in different levels according to their English skills and knowledge. General English courses are designed for students who want to improve their ability to communicate in English in both social and work situations. The programme provides a solid foundation of the English Language, with each level being designed to cover the skills of speaking, reading, writing, listening, as well as pronunciation and grammar.

BBELS Cooking Class

BBELS Cooking Class

Our General English classes are very dynamic and topic based. Students learn in a very natural and enjoyable way, including through the use of interactive materials, such as DVD’s, CD’s, books and outdoors activities. There is a variety of class activities too, from individual work to pair work to small group exercises.

At BBELS, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced students can choose elective classes to complete the General English programme. Elective classes offer full time General English (GE) students an opportunity to focus on their own special needs and interests. It is a very popular part of our GE programme. Student feedback indicates a high level of satisfaction with this component of our GE course. Elective classes are mixed-level, and currently we offer the following themes:

• Vocabulary and Speaking
• Australian Studies
• Cinema Studies
• English Structure
• Work in Australia – Hospitality and Tourism
• Listening and Pronunciation
• Reading and Writing skills
• Aromatherapy and Wellness
• Business English
• Conversation Class

Elective classes take place in the afternoons, and a minimum of 6 students is required for a particular Elective class to run.


BBELS English plus Surf

General English is also recommended to students who want to come to Byron Bay to combine studies and holidays. BBELS has different options for part-time students to enjoy the natural wonders of this area. For those who love sport, we offer our “English Plus” courses, which are a combination of General English part-time, and different sports. English learners can enjoy surf lessons, diving, music or Yoga after the English classes.

paula 14

BBELS English plus Skateboarding

No matter which English level you are, General English is suitable for you. Are you interested in an intensive English course, or do you want to combine English while immersed in the Australian culture? General English covers it all. Are you keen to enjoy Byron Bay’s beaches during your holidays and improve your English skills? Come to BBELS, enrol in a G.E. course, and learn to live!


It was an amazing night on Friday night, with one of the biggest buddy nights yet!!!
The band was great with Tom, Michael, Tim and Max playing.

The food was fantastic – thank you Luke at Cafe Oska.

All students are matched with a buddy from another country, that way everyone makes new friends and speaks English.

The BBQ is a free event for all BBELS students.

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