A trip to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Taiwan Ben at Currumbin
Our students at Byron Bay English Language School always enjoy a day at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Students are able to see (and touch) kangaroos and wallabies and other native Australian wildlife in a friendly educational environment.

On the day that the Upper-intermediate class visited the zoo this koala came face-to-face with its “human father”. Hung Yuan from Taiwan transformed himself before having his photo taken with this very cute koala.

Farmers’ Market

What a beautiful day to go to the farmers’ market in Byron Bay.
The elementary class had an excellent lesson today, lots of questions for the stall holders.
The students had a chance to taste some strange fruit and learn new vocabulary.
The best think about the market is that everything is grown in Byron Bay.

End of Course

Yesterday all our classes had their end of course exam. The school was very quiet and serious as nervous students did their exams.

To celebrate today many classes are out and about in Byron Bay enjoying the warm weather.

Upper-Intermediate had a breakfast BBQ at Wategos Beach – What a great way to start the day!!!
Pre-Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate enjoyed a conversation class at the Beach Hotel.
Elementary decided to do a cooking class at school.
IELTS, as usual, were studying hard!

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Last week of Cambridge

This year in June we had our first ever winter Cambridge course. The students came from Brazil, Italy, The Czech Republic, Switzerland and Korea. Making it a great group of students. They studied hard and their teacher Frank thought they were the best!!!

On Friday we let them out of the school to have an excursion to Minyon Falls.

Today they have the speaking exam and on Thursday and Friday the written exams.

To say goodbye we are having our infamous ‘Buddy BBQ’. All students are paired up with a student from a different nationality, you will have a nice dinner together at the Cafe, then upstairs for some live music and dancing.

Good luck this week!!!

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It was a great day at Currumbin!!! The pre-intermediate and elementary class had a wonderful presentation from Brendan at the education centre; they met an owl, a blue-tongue lizard, a python snake, and Banksia the cutest golden brush tail possum.

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