The BBELS Buddy Dinner

Some of our international students enjoying the night at the Buddy Dinner

On Friday night our students enjoyed the first Buddy Dinner for the year. Each student was paired with another student from a different country, a different class, and most importantly a different language group while eating a free dinner from the Nirvana Cafe (the new cafe at BBELS).

Our students always love these Buddy Dinners because they have the chance to meet students that they mightn’t socialise with during school hours. And who doesn’t like a free dinner?  🙂

As you can see, our students had a great time. After the meal, music was played and the night was danced away. Our next Buddy Dinner will be held in the next 12-week block. Contact us at if you’d like to know more about our regular activity program or course outlines.



Cambridge Classes visit the Farmers’ Markets

Some happy Cambridge students standing outside the free double-decker bus to the markets

It’s a beautiful spring day here in Byron Bay … ideal weather to take our new Cambridge classes to the local Byron Bay Farmers’ Markets. Both classes took the free bus that runs from town to the market area where they then spent an hour looking at the local organic produce while talking to each other in English.

Nino, Lucas and Thomas, plus some photo-bombers in the bus.

Excursions like these are a great way for our students to understand the local community more comprehensively. They are also a friendly way for our students to spend time with one another, making friendships that will hopefully last long into the future.

If you look very closely to Nino (on the left) you will see that he looks 1-year older. Happy birthday Nino 🙂

The Great BBELS Beach Volleyball Tournament

Students from Europe, Asia, South America on one of the BBELS volleyball teams

Summer is approaching so it is a perfect time for our students to compete in our monthly beach volleyball tournaments.

After class has finished in the afternoons our students play in teams at Main Beach. Max, our activities officer, encourages the students to create their own teams. As you can see, we have a wonderfully diverse range of students, each one bringing their own special talent to the game.

Max with some of the BBELS students

This Friday Max will announce the winner of the monthly tournament. The winning team will receive a mystery prize however we all know that the real reward is having fun in the beautiful warm sunshine with your international friends.

Another Amazing Buddy BBQ at BBELS

Some of our students enjoying themselves at the Buddy BBQ

Last Friday night our students had a great time at the BBELS Buddy BBQ. The concept of the BBQ is quite simple and is a lot of fun – during the free BBQ dinner students sit with a “buddy” from another country and class. This means everyone is required to speak English in a natural social situation.


Over 120 students attended the BBQ. There was plenty of food for everyone (including vegetarian and vegan options!). Live music was played during the evening,with some of our students performing in public for the first time.

At BBELS we strongly believe in the importance of providing social situations for our students to make new friends while practising their English. That is why we regularly hold Buddy BBQs and other Friday night events.

If you would like to know more about our English courses and activities program, please visit our website.


BBELS team in AFL 9’s tournament for the first time ever!


The AFL 9’s tournament is held every year from the end of October until mid December and it takes place at the grounds of the Cavanbah Sports Centre in Byron Bay. AFL stands for Australian Football League, a game unique to Australia and also its most popular sport.


This year Max, our activities manager, has formed a team of students from various countries: Loïs, Maxime and Loic (Switzerland French part); Kim, Nadja, Florian and Céline (Switzerland German part); Gianluca (Italy); Julia and David (the Netherlands); William (France) and Alex (Germany) as well as Reuben (our travel consultant) to compete against seven other local teams. Each team comprises of six male and three female players plus reserves. That is one of the reasons why Max, coach and player, liked the idea of entering the school in a mixed team competition. It is also a special and unique opportunity for our students to play a game only played in this country.


All the team members are enjoying this whole experience and are starting to improve their skills as well as their teamwork. After losing their first game through lack of experience, they have won their next three to sit second on the ladder.

All the school looks forward to supporting them in their upcoming games and wishes them lots of luck!

Brazilian Carnival at BBELS


Gustavo dressed as a pre-historic man

Last Friday night BBELS hosted its own Brazilian Carnival. It was a night of fancy dress and costumes and of course it was another great chance for our students to have fun together while learning a little about the Brazilian culture.


Our students always know how to have fun and they are very interested in making friends with people from other countries.



We hope to see you again at our next school party. Remember, we host them every two weeks. 🙂


Friday Night Activity: Buddy BBQ


Last Friday evening BBELS hosted another one of its very popular Buddy BBQs. The idea for these events is that for one evening students are given a “buddy” from a different country, class level and language group. This is to help provide a space where our very multicultural group of students can make new friends. The “buddies” sit together and have a free dinner on the school balcony before mixing with all of the other students to listen to live music and dance the night away.


Antonio from Spain and Louise from France


Students from Switzerland, Brazil and Japan enjoying the evening.


Tito from Spain and Medina from Switzerland

The Buddy BBQs are held quite regularly and are always a lot of fun. The BBQs are part of our activities program that is designed to help balance the needs of study with pleasure.

BBELS Activities Program: January


This month’s activities program

To make the time for our students here at BBELS even more special, we offer some fun activities every day. Most of our activities are free and are held after class like beach volleyball, soccer and table tennis. We also offer free conversation classes and music classes once a week in the afternoon.  And for a small price, you can also join yoga classes twice a week.


The BBELS soccer team with two South Korean soccer coaches

If you like water activities, we can book surf lessons, snorkelling trips and also dolphin kayaking trips for you, whenever you want. These activities are suitable for all levels of ability.


But we offer much more than sporting activities. This month we have also had a shopping trip to the Gold Coast and a walking tour into the forests of Springbrook National Park. Next week we have organised a Fraser Island trip for four days. For music lovers we have transport to take you to Brisbane’s famous Laneway Music Festival in the first weekend of February where you will see international bands such as Beach House, DIIV, Grimes, Chvrches and Purity Ring.


The activity program is updated each month. Check out the activities notice board outside the travel office. If you have any questions or suggestions for activities please speak with Max.

Friday night parties at BBELS

Friday party

A small group of our students enjoying the first BBELS party for 2016

At BBELS we know that the best way for students to make friends and socialise is through our regular Friday night parties. Students of different nationalities and English levels enjoy each other’s company as they eat, drink and listen to live music.

When students talk to us about some of their best experiences here in Byron Bay they often mention how much fun they had at the parties – the school balcony provides a perfect place to chill out with new friends in our warm tropical climate.

friday party

At last Friday’s party our new students mixed with the continuing students from 2015 for a night of fun. Our students are very open-minded and sociable so it doesn’t take them long to form new friendships, this is something we believe is an important part of the BBELS experience. If you missed last week’s party we encourage you to attend our next great night on the balcony!

Good times: activities at BBELS


A recent soccer game between our South American and European Students

After a day of studying English our students love participating in the many activities that we provide for them each day. We believe these activities are a great way for the students to get to know each other socially while speaking the one unifying language that they have been learning, English. This balance of study and fun makes our school a friendly place with life-long friendships being formed between students of all nationalities.


Students enjoying some time out in Nimbin

Our activities range from sporting tournaments, trips to local forests and villages, nights of music on our balcony, conversation clubs,surfing lessons, and a weekly card game night.

These activities extend the time that students would normally spend with one another and encourages them to continue speaking English long after our classes finish.


Students prepare national dishes in a cooking class

If you are thinking about studying at BBELS you don’t have to worry that you will ever feel alone or bored here. As you can see, there are plenty of chances for you to make new friends in a fun and relaxed environment.