Graduation Day at BBELS

Some of our recent graduates

Every Friday our classes finish at 12:15 so that we can say goodbye to our students who are graduating. The staff and students listen to the graduates as they give speeches expressing thanks to the teachers for their hard work, emotional goodbyes to their new friends, and motivational words encouraging their classmates to enjoy everything the school and Byron Bay has to offer.

Ryuji with with his certificate of completion on graduation day

Many of our students express how nervous they are feeling to be giving a speech in public but all of them feel as though they have achieved a goal in their English language learning to have stood before a group of people and deliver a monologue in their 2nd language. The teachers are always especially proud of them.

Another happy student receiving her certificate of completion

Another great thing about the graduation ceremony is the chance to listen to Max (our activities officer) talk about the weekend activities he has organised. He always has so much for students to do at the weekend including bus trips to national parks, shopping centres, or cultural events.

See you at graduation this Friday 🙂

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