End of course exams at BBELS


Students who enrol in General English courses at BBELS are examined every 4 weeks. This means in our 12-week courses you will be examined in week 4, week 8, and finally in week 12. The results from the tests allow the teachers to check their students’ progress. The tests also help students maintain a target of what they want to achieve each month as well as providing students with a way to evaluate their own improvement.

Each exam is divided into grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking sections. We understand that some students may do well in one section but may not do as well in another. The teachers are able to analyse the results in each section so that they can suggest ways to address any problems the students may be having. After each test the teachers spend time with each student on a 1-to-1 basis discussing their progress and areas that might need to be focussed on. Over a 12-week course the teacher and student can look at the results to see how they have improved.

Our students are particularly motivated to do well in the week 12 end of course exam. If students achieve high results they will be moved up to a higher General English level or they may be allowed to move into one of our IELTS or Cambridge preparation courses.

Over the period of a 12-week course we encourage our students to develop good study habits. These include:

  • only speaking English with classmates and friends
  • regularly doing homework and review actvities
  • participating in class
  • reading English magazines, newspapers, books
  • writing in diaries
  • listening to podcasts

Good luck to all of our students in your end of course exam this week. Hopefully there will be a lot of you who will move up to a new class and level next week 🙂