Friday afternoon classes at BBELS

At BBELS full-time students have the option to study in our Friday afternoon clubs. Students can attend a conversation club; a homework help club; a resume writing club. These clubs are a nice change in routine for our students.


In our conversation club students from different classes and levels are encouraged to sit down in a relaxed environment to discuss various topics introduced by the teacher. Our students love this club as they can finish the week practising the vocabulary they have studied in class and also learn new vocabulary from other students (and of course the teacher).


The homework help club is another popular class that our students regularly attend. In this club students can ask for extra help on certain points that they may have had trouble with throughout the week. It could include grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. This club is usually small enough for the teacher to give personalised help to the students.


Finally, the resume writing club helps students who are looking for a job to write a clear and professional resume in English. Our Job Club manager can then assist students to find a job here in the Byron Bay region or in other areas throughout Australia. It is a valuable service to our students.

The BBELS clubs are held from 1:15-2:45 each Friday and are open to all our full-time students. They are a great way to improve your English while making friends from other classes.




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