BBELS: Classrooms in action


Liese teaching her IELTS class

Each classroom in BBELS is designed to encourage students to communicate comfortably with the teacher and each other. Our classes have a maximum of 15 students and we always try to ensure that the class has a balance of gender and nationalities. The result is that we have dynamic classes filled with conversation, learning, and laughter.


Jim teaching his Intermediate class

Our classrooms open onto a computer area where students can research topics covered in each lesson. Students can also walk from the classrooms to the balcony where they can continue self-study activities in a relaxed and quiet environment.

Each classroom is connected to the internet through the school’s WiFi network. We also provide televisions for video and computer-based presentations. Our students often tell us how much they love the unique vibe of the school building and that it helps to create a very easy-going atmosphere. Why don’t you come here to see it for yourself?

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