Meet the students: Jules from New Caledonia


Meet Jules our New Caledonian student. He studied in the IELTS class and received a fantastic result in his IELTS exam. Jules could often be heard playing his guitar outside the school each afternoon but now he can be found working in one of Byron Bay’s Mexican restaurants. Jules is an example of how it is possible for our students to study and find work here in Byron Bay. Read below to learn more about this interesting man …

Why did you decide to come to Australia?

I wanted to start travelling the world, and Australia looked like a good starting point, I can work on my English, and enjoy the sea.

How long have you been studying in Australia?

I studied in Australia for 8 weeks, to pass my IELTS exam.

What do you like best about BBELS?

Meeting new people from around the world, discovering new cultures, the mood and feelings around and in the school, playing music with a lot of different musicians.


You are working in a restaurant and you worked at the markets. Tell us about it.

Working in a market is hard. It starts early in the morning, you have to work a lot to be ready for the never-ending waves of people coming, you are paid depend on the selling. That was pretty hard. On the other hand, working in a restaurant is only hard the first month. You have to learn everything, remember a lot of different stuff. When you are ready, it’s always the same thing, so it’s not that bad. Good money, anyway.

Can you also tell us a little bit about your passion for music?

I’ve been playing music for all my life, as far as I can remember. Started with piano, for 15 years, and then I started touching everything, try new instruments. Now, I’m working on my guitar playing and singing skills. But yeah, music is pretty much all I’ve got. That’s why I love to play at school parties and in town.


What do you like about Byron Bay?

Byron Bay is an amazing place for musicians, lot of opportunities if you know where to look at. Also great to meet people from different countries, which I love. It’s a really relaxed town, stuck in time, far away from world troubles and politic bullshits. It’s like a haven for lost travellers. Once you are here, you don’t want to leave.

What are you planning to do next?

I’m still asking myself the same question. Travel more, I guess, but where to go next ?

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