Friday night parties at BBELS

Friday party

A small group of our students enjoying the first BBELS party for 2016

At BBELS we know that the best way for students to make friends and socialise is through our regular Friday night parties. Students of different nationalities and English levels enjoy each other’s company as they eat, drink and listen to live music.

When students talk to us about some of their best experiences here in Byron Bay they often mention how much fun they had at the parties – the school balcony provides a perfect place to chill out with new friends in our warm tropical climate.

friday party

At last Friday’s party our new students mixed with the continuing students from 2015 for a night of fun. Our students are very open-minded and sociable so it doesn’t take them long to form new friendships, this is something we believe is an important part of the BBELS experience. If you missed last week’s party we encourage you to attend our next great night on the balcony!

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