Finding Love at BBELS


Nadine and Michi on Graduation Day at BBELS

Holiday romances are quite common here in Byron Bay however this next story is especially heart-warming.

In 2010 two students from Switzerland arrived in Byron Bay to study at BBELS. Nadine took the FCE course while Michi took the CAE course. It was love at first sight for these two Swiss nationals (having met at the school cafe). The romance that started here has continued. In fact they have just got married!

The recently contacted us to share their story, writing “We fell in love from the first moment … we are so happy and can’t express the luck that we had in your school. BBELS turned out to be the best decision of our whole life and we really had the best time ever!”


So, could you also find love and happiness at BBELS? Who knows what adventures await you.

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