Certificate IV: Yoga Teacher Trainer Course


Students becoming yoga teachers (photo courtesy of the Byron Bay Yoga Centre)

We have good news for all of our students who are interested in becoming a yoga teacher. Byron Bay Yoga Centre now offers a CRICOS approved 12-month Certificate IV Yoga Teacher Trainer course. This is great for students who have a 12-month student visa.

Participants study 2 days a week in addition to a few hours of online study each week. This could be a good opportunity for students with an intermediate level of English or higher to learn a new skill while extending their time in Byron Bay.

For more information please visit the Byron Bay Yoga Centre website.



Ya from Thailand interviews Inma from Spain.

Ya and Imma

Please meet our next two students … Inma from Spain and Ya from Thailand. In this interview Ya asks Inma about why she came to Byron Bay to study English. The interview was part of an activity designed to improve reported speech. It shows how studying grammar can be a creative activity and one that brings cultures together.

I spoke to Inma yesterday. She comes from Spain and has been in Byron Bay for six weeks.

My first question to her was why she had decided to come to Byron Bay. She replied that she didn’t like big cities and she wanted to live in a peaceful place. She added that Bryon has good weather and the people are very nice. She had been talking to a person who used to live in Byron Bay before and he recommended that she come and study at BBELS. She also told me that she hadn’t been able to find a job since she graduated from university. She hopes that having a high level of English will help her get a better job.

I wondered what she did to improve her English. She told me that she always does her homework and speaks English all the time at school. She added that she has made a lot of friends with local people and she can practice her English with them. I asked her what other things besides English she has learned at BBELS. She said that she has already learned a lot about other cultures from her foreign friends.

Finally, I asked my last question, “Do you want to stay longer in Byron Bay?” She replied that she would love to stay longer if she could.

Meet the students: Delia from Switzerland interviews Nanami from Japan


It is always interesting to read about our students impressions of Byron Bay, especially those who come from cultural backgrounds very different from what is found here. In today’s post Delia (Swiss) interviews Nanami from Tokyo.

Yesterday I interviewed Nanami from Japan at the Byron Bay English School about her life in Byron Bay and Byron Bay itself. Nanami is in the Upper Intermediate class and has been in Byron Bay for eight weeks.

Firstly, I asked her how she would describe Byron Bay. She told me that Byron Bay was very different from Tokyo. She added that the natural environment is so beautiful in Byron and the way of life is so relaxed. I wanted to know why she chose to live with a homestay family while she was studying. She answered that she wanted to have contact with local people and learn about the customs and food of Australia. She told me that she felt more at home with a homestay family than in a student house.

Finally, I asked Nanami what she did in her spare time. She told me she loved to go to the beach, to spend time with her friends and to talk with her homestay grandmother.