Meet the students: Luiz from Brazil


Please meet Luiz from Brazil! Luiz came to Byron Bay with his family a couple of months ago. His outgoing personality has endeared him to the students and staff at BBELS. In this interview Luiz talks about his time at school, his wife, and his daughter who is attending a local primary school.

Luiz, can you tell us why you decided to come to Australia?

I chose Australia because I’d heard many positive things about the country and the Australian people. The reason I came to Byron Bay is because I was looking for a small and unique town with beautiful beaches and warm weather. Well, I was looking for a paradise and I found it.

Why did you choose BBELS?

When I saw a picture of BBELS on the Internet with many bicycles and the blue balcony I had a good feeling about it. I knew I would love it. Of course, my agent helped me a lot with my decision too.

Can you tell us your impressions of BBELS.

It is a very nice place to study English, to meet people from all over the world and to make new friends. The teachers and staff members are very friendly and helpful. The school building doesn’t look like a school. It has a very funky atmosphere which makes it a great place to meet people and learn English in a very natural and fun way.


What is it like to travel with your family to another country while also learning English?

It was an old dream that came true. When I was 20, I decided to live for at least one year abroad. 42 years late here I am, with my family. It has been wonderful to have my wife Ana and daughter Julia with me. Ana is a brave, lovely and beautiful woman and Julia takes after her. Julia is going to the primary school in Byron Bay. It’s great to see my daughter growing up and learning English as a second language.

Byron Bay is well known for its natural wonders…which place is your favourite place in Byron?

It’s a difficult question because there are so many amazing places here. But I have to say that Wategos beach, the Lighthouse, Main beach and Tallow’s Beach are amazing.

Luiz, tell us about your life in Brazil. Have you found any similarity between the Australian and Brazilian cultures? Have you found any Australian habits that you think are very different from your culture?

My life in São Paulo was very good. I have many friends there and a good job. But São Paulo is a city of twelve million people. It is very different to Byron Bay. As for the people, I think the Aussies are as friendly as the Brazilians and it makes me feel at home. Beside the language, I haven’t found any great differences between the two cultures.


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