Meet the BBELS Staff: Marcos Supioni, marketing.


This month we had a chat with Marcos, from our marketing department. Marcos is the marketing manager for countries such as Brazil, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the Arab Emirates. He is just about to finish his Masters in Consumer’s Behaviour, and as he pointed out, he began his amazing journey in Australia as a student at BBELS!

What is your role as the Marketing Manager?

I’m part of the marketing team at BBELS. I am the Marketing Manager responsible for promoting BBELS quality programmes to Portuguese and Arabic speaking countries. That means I look after the students and agents from these countries, from the initial contact till the students last day in our school.

I use my experience as a former BBELS student to help others students have a great time here in Byron Bay. I’m also responsible for sales, social media and developing new partnerships with the countries I mentioned.

How long have you been working at the school? 

I started working here in 2014. But I have been connected to BBELS since 2010, when I was a student and had my life completely changed (for better, of course!).

Why did you decide coming to BBELS? 

I decided to come to BBELS after extensively researching English schools in Australia. BBELS was the one that suited me best. I was tired of studying English in schools in Brazil and not learning properly. So I decided to find a school where I could develop my English skills in a beautiful locality.

I used to live in a big city (São Paulo), and I needed a break from the traffic jams and from the hustle and bustle of that place. So, BBELS was perfect, because here I found everything I was expecting from an exchange course: academic quality and a beautiful place to relax and have a good time.

What do you like most about working at BBELS?

The culture exchange between the students! Because we have such a big diversity of different nationalities (an internal year to date research shows 23 different nationalities studying at BBELS), there’s always something to learn from my experience with students from different cultures.

I also love the fact that BBELS is not a school chain. Unfortunately there is a trend in the education industry where schools are compromising their teaching quality in order to make more profits. They increase in student numbers, became chains, and they drop the quality and commitment with their students.  This is not the case at BBELS. BBELS is owned by a long-term local family who is passionate about teaching and they really take care of their staff and students. So here we are like a big family. This produces a very good working environment.

At BBELS everybody should …  

… Be like a sponge! Soak up the amazing atmosphere at school and absorb the cultural differences. When you are living in another country, surround yourself with friends and interesting people, and you’ll absorb their positivity and this will enhance your experience!

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