Meet the students: Francisco from Chile.


This month we are proud to introduce you to Francisco. Francisco is from Santiago, in Chile, and he has some nice tips to share with those who want to come to BBELS.

How long have you been studying at BBELS?
I studied in BBELS for 6 months. At the beginning my English skills were a disaster, however after the first month I started to improve more and more. My first class was “Intermediate” and when I completed that level I moved to the “IELTS” class. I think it was a perfect decision because during my last month in Australia I decided to take the IELTS exam and to be honest I am really happy with the score that I got.

What do you like best about BBELS?
The BBELS staff is just amazing. They are always dedicated to students’ needs and one of the things that I always remember from my first day in the school is their effort to learn the name of every student before they arrive and that is something I appreciated a lot.
The school is situated in a beautiful building and the teachers are excellent. Nevertheless, the feature that I like more about BBELS is the possibility to meet people from different countries, make friends and know new cultures. Overall, all knowledge acquired there is going to be useful for life.


How did you find your job?
I printed some resumes as soon as I arrived in Byron and I left it in every shop that I was interested in. Furthermore, I got some jobs through the Job Club at BBELS and from some of my friends who I met in Byron Bay.

What kind of work have you been doing in Byron?
I worked in different places such as industries, restaurants and in the BBELS school, mainly as a cleaner. I worked in some houses as a painter as well, but it was just a temporary job. The most important one was working for BBELS cleaning the rooms after class time.

What do you like about Byron Bay?
Byron Bay has so many things that I love. The people are special, so friendly and environmentally conscious. In the town you can always feel a positive atmosphere everywhere and it is so peaceful if you are not in the main street where the fun is guaranteed, and the beach is just amazing. The hippie-style makes this town one of the best places that I have visited.


What advice would you give to a new student?
First of all, the most important thing is to always speak in English, even when you are speaking with people from your own country. It makes a big difference between improving your English skill a lot or just a little bit.
Another important piece of advice is to try to get involved with locals. For example, when I was studying at BBELS I played in a local soccer team and we qualified to the final round of the tournament. It was my best experience there due to the people I met. The Eureka soccer team is a wonderful family.

2 thoughts on “Meet the students: Francisco from Chile.

  1. I absolutely agree with Francisco. Byron and BBELS was one of the best experiences that I ever had.
    I remember those days and I start to feel happy again with my memories.
    Cheers to everyone and VIVA CHILE

    Ex-chilean student

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