Meet the BBELS staff: Jay-Dea, the Director of Studies

Jay-Dea, the Director of Studies at BBELS.

Meet the BBELS team

This month we had a chat with Jay-Dea, our Director of Studies. Jay-Dea is responsible for ensuring a high quality programme is delivered to all our students. He is in charge of the implementation and administration of all aspects of our academic programme, including the management of the teaching staff and their performance.

What is your role as the Director of Studies?

As the Director of Studies I am responsible for the academic side of BBELS. That means I look after the students and the teachers. I test new students when they arrive and allocate them into classes; organise the timetable; help new teachers with lesson plans; assist students with academic problems. Basically I try to keep the experience for the students in the classrooms as smooth as possible.

How long have you been working at the school?

I started working here in 2005. Was it really that long ago?
What is your secret to have so much success with the students?
I think the students are always happy to engage with someone who is friendly and approachable rather than authoritarian. I’ve always tried to develop mutual respect between myself and my students. This often happens over time as we get to know each other.

What do you like most about working at BBELS?

As a teacher I love the exchange of energy between myself and the students in the classroom. I enjoy watching the progress of students in their use of English and I also enjoy the process of discovering their personalities over weeks and months.
As a Director of Studies I enjoy meeting students on their first day, trying to make them feel welcome and comfortable. I also enjoy assisting teachers in the staffroom.

At BBELS everybody should …
… respect cultural and idiosyncratic differences; remain enthusiastic about learning (it was your choice to come here); enjoy the natural surroundings with classmates and local people.

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