BBELS Student Emiliano

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Hi, my name is Emiliano, I come from Italy and I came to BBELS for the first time in 2012 enjoying a General English course. As long as I was doing high school in Italy, I couldn’t stay longer than one month, but I enjoyed it so much, the time spent at BBELS, that I had to come back.
So, once I finished high school I came back with a working holiday Visa, enjoying the IELTS class for 8 weeks.
Something that I really love at BBELS are the activities: there is always something interesting to do and student parties are by far my favourite activities as long as everybody get the chance to play live music.
As soon as I finished my classes, the Job Club helped me to find a job, first in a Café and then in a food processing plant.
I also volunteered helping disabled people sailing in Lennox Head. These work experiences gave me the chance to earn enough money to buy a car and be completely independent from my parents.
Afterwards I decided to start Griffith University on the Gold Coast the next year.

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