Manny the man at Cafe Oska

1. How long have you had Café Oska?
It is about 5 month now. We took over Café Oska at the End of February.

2. What makes Café Oska so special?
It is the global feel. It does not matter where you come from, you are always welcome. That is why we have people coming from all around the world. It is also a cool place because it is tucked away from the main street, and the lack of cars makes it unique in Byron.

3. Are there any specials for BBELS students?
Yes of course! Every day students are offered a lunch for $7, 5 instead of the normal price of $10. We also have a very affordable breakfast roll, specially made for students.

4. Do you have special events?
Sometimes we organise music events and students will usually have a special deal for these. We also do special student-nights with music or a theme. These nights are open for request! Maybe your next birthday?

5. Is there one thing you would recommend everyone try at Café Oska?
The dish that is most popular among our weekend customers is the fish curry. It is yummy! Also we have vegetarian small dishes very typical for Africa. Ask for Akara or Pantain, and you will taste something delicious.

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BBELS Student Emiliano

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Hi, my name is Emiliano, I come from Italy and I came to BBELS for the first time in 2012 enjoying a General English course. As long as I was doing high school in Italy, I couldn’t stay longer than one month, but I enjoyed it so much, the time spent at BBELS, that I had to come back.
So, once I finished high school I came back with a working holiday Visa, enjoying the IELTS class for 8 weeks.
Something that I really love at BBELS are the activities: there is always something interesting to do and student parties are by far my favourite activities as long as everybody get the chance to play live music.
As soon as I finished my classes, the Job Club helped me to find a job, first in a Café and then in a food processing plant.
I also volunteered helping disabled people sailing in Lennox Head. These work experiences gave me the chance to earn enough money to buy a car and be completely independent from my parents.
Afterwards I decided to start Griffith University on the Gold Coast the next year.