BBELS Travel Desk

Our travel expert Reuben talks about his job here at BBELS and how he can help you plan the perfect trip…

1. How long have you been working at BBELS?
I’ve been working here for 9 months now. I started in October last year.

2. What are your tasks at BBELS?
My main job here is to organise student travel. But I also help Max, our activity coordinator, with the activities and bikes.

3. What makes your job special? Why do you love it?
Definitely the people! Meeting people from all over the world is really special for me. I see our students every day, so I get to know them really well. That’s why I always want to make sure that they are happy and I put together the right trip for them.

4. Which tours do the students like the most? Which ones are the most booked?
The East Coast tours are definitely the most popular tours with Fraser Island, the Whitsunday Islands, the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest. But also city trips to Sydney and Melbourne and trips to Uluru are very popular.

5. What advantages do students get if they book through you?
We provide a total travel service. We are able to book every aspect of your trip: your flights, buses, transfer, and activities. I think many of our students are surprised how cheap we can offer these things. We are only here to help our students. That’s why we can offer everything at better prices.
Furthermore, I am here every day, so I’m always available to answer questions, make changes etc.
In general we have the principal that we never book anything that our students could book for themselves. Our students can be sure that they are not paying too much when they book with us!
6. Do you enjoy helping students to book their travel dreams, after their studies at BBELS? Do students thank you for your support (e.g. postcards)?
I get lots of nice emails and postcards which is a lovely feeling. I also get to see many students when they return to Byron Bay after their travels. It is always great to hear that they had a fantastic time and everything worked perfectly.
Being able to provide a quality service is very important to me. That’s why it is very special for me to know that they really enjoyed their time in Australia.

7. Is there something you would recommend to all BBELS students?
There are really so many interesting places to see in Australia. My personal favourite is the East Coast, especially the Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef.
But everybody is different and that is what makes my job so much fun!

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