BBELS Job Club

Our Job Club Manager Brian introduces Job Club and explains how he helps you to find a job.


1. How long have you been working at BBELS now?
I have been working at BBELS for 1 year and 5 months.

2. What are your tasks?
My major task is the Korean and Taiwanese market.
Also I do customer service and reception tasks. That means I take care of our students. Furthermore I am looking after our beautiful campus and I am responsible for our BBELS Hostel. One of my main projects is the Job club, where I help our students to find a job here in Byron during their study at BBELS.

3. How can you help students find a job?
I have been living in Australia for seven years now and I have seen a lot of places. The majority of my time I’ve spent in Byron Bay. I also studied at BBELS. While I was studying at BBELS I was looking for any kind of job, no matter if it was full-time or part-time. I always tried my best and I was successful. I gained a lot of knowledge, work and experience. At the same time I built a good network for our students because I always made sure I had a good relationship with the employers I worked for. Now our school has the Job Club which the students can join at any time. As soon as they join, I will check the vacant position from the employers or contact our partner businesses to ask if they need any workers.

P1010749 4. Is there something like a job placement guarantee?
There is no 100% guarantee that we are going to place the student in a job because of the variety of jobs and also the season. Saying that, ever since I’ve been working here I have placed all the students that are in our Job Club, for example in factories, farms including WWOOF, restaurants, housekeeping and much more.

5. Are there any visa restrictions regarding working in Australia?
There are different restrictions regarding working in Australia for the different visa types:
On a working-holiday visa you cannot work longer than 6 months for one employer. But we have various employers, like factories and farms, which will help them to get the second holiday visa.
It is different for student-visas. Most student visa-holders are also interested in working in Australia. They are allowed to work 40 hours every fortnight. There are ideal jobs for student visa holders in Byron because there are a number of jobs available that offer less than 20 hours of work per week.

6. What do you recommend any student who wants to find a job in Byron Bay?
Basically I recommend them to study English as hard as possible. The better your English level is the easier it is to find a job. And of course join the Job Club. We will assist you with your CV, your tax file number, bank account, mobile phone, and interview training. Additionally all your paper work will be done by us. We aim to place you somewhere you will be happy



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