In April this year Max organised a group of long term students staying in Byron Bay (from April to September) to play a season of football (soccer) for a local team,”Eureka” a small village situated in the Byron Hinterland (20 mins from BB).

Max spoke with Norm Black,Eureka FC Team Manager and local businessman, to see if he could get some sponsorship to help the students cover some their costs.
Norm generously sponsored “Our Boys” through his business “Trip a Deal” and this looks becoming an ongoing relationship for all future BBELS students.

So if your planning on coming to Australia (April-September) to study English and love playing football come to BBELS and we will get you on the field.

ps. at the moment we are running 2nd. We average 5 goals a game and are a genuine contender for the title!!!!!


Photo (left to right) Francisco Arriagada (Chile) Eduardo Diuana (Brasil) Andreas Siegrist (Switzerland) Max Donati (BBELS Activities Coordinator) Marco Tepedino (Brasil)
Missing: Jono Aves (Switzerland) Chaiy Donati (BBELS)








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