Congratulations Cambridge Students


We would like to congratulate all our Cambridge students on their excellent exam results.

It is a very difficult exam, with lots to learn. Over the many years that we have been teaching Cambridge courses we have learnt that this is a great course to study as long as you are prepared to work hard.

Some tips for our current students are:

  • Review and revise the work you have learnt that day
  • Write, write, write – every time your teacher gives you a writing task, do it!
  • Read as much as possible in English- read what you are interested in
  • Set time aside for studying every day and on the weekend – do it after class
  • Give yourself 1 night a week to have fun
  • Listen to what your teacher tells you
  • Ask for help and extra work if you need it
  • Practice speaking at home, at school, in the pubs

We often find that sometimes the lowest level students listen to their teachers the most, work hard, ask for help and pass the exam. It’s all about motivation, setting goals and working for them.

Welcome April 7 Starters

Another Monday and another great day of new students!!!

I am sometimes asked what I love about my job,  I love meeting the new students on Monday. Fresh of the plane, with an eagerness to learn and an interest in all that Byron Bay has to offer. I get to find out some interesting information about them, their lives in other countries, their culture, families and dreams.

This week we had starters from: Brazil, Taiwan, Japan, Switzerland, Chile and Korea.

Thanks for keeping it interesting.