Congratulations and Good luck!!!


Congratulations and good luck to our wonderful Cambridge class. (Frank, Evelyn, Camila, Ryan, Claudia and Asa)

Today we had a small graduation followed by a yummy lunch at cafe Oska.

Frank, Cambridge coordinator, has really enjoyed teaching such a great class. The students also had a wonderful time, and hopefully they will all get the marks they deserve.

“I would just like to congratulate you on the great teachers you have in this school, specially Jim, Ash and Frank, they teach with love and made my English improve a lot”. Evelyn Tomita Brazil.

A farmers’ Market day

This morning was the perfect morning to go to the Farmers’ Market. The skies are amazingly blue, a cool fresh breeze and a warm sun make it very enjoyable!!!

The students always enjoy looking at the seasonal fruit and vegetables, enjoying some great local coffee, and seeing the Byron Bay locals in their natural habitat.

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Sayonara Fukagawa!!!

We will all be very sad to say goodbye to Fukagawa.

They have been a lovely group of students, teachers and staff from Fukagawa High School. Everybody is always smiling and happy.

They have had some lovely weather and wonderful activities. We all enjoyed lawn bowls last Friday, it felt like summer on the greens.