‘Buddy BBQ’


It may be wet outside but on Friday night it doesn’t matter as you can party upstairs on the balcony. There is going to be great food at Cafe Oska and Max and the band will keep the music pumping…

Get your ticket from Max and remember to have fun and EO (English Only) all the way!!!

Have you found your partner yet?


10 things to do when it’s raining in Byron

1. Go to the movies!

2. Do yoga!

3. Take a swim in Byron’s Pool!

4. Check out the community centre for activities!

5. Enjoy some live music in the Pubs!

6. Get all cosy in your home with some hot chocolate and a book!

7. Do some shopping!

8. Play cards!

9. Go to the medicine wheel and see what your future has to offer!

10. Relax in Byron’s blog discover yourself lighthouseSpa!

And of course: study & improve your English 🙂