Welcome Back Fukagawa

It is always nice when winter comes around and the Study Tour students start arriving. Last week we said goodbye to the Japanese Study Tour Group from Kansai International High School and the ADEC group from Abu Dhabi. This week we say hello to Fukagawa, who come every year for two weeks of ESL and fun activities. If you see them say ‘Hello’.

Dave was Great!!!

We would like to say a special goodbye to Dave, who has been doing activities whilst Max has been partying with students in Switzerland!!!

Dave will be having one final party tonight to celebrate FRIDAY 13th at school on the balcony.
There will be music, bring your own drinks and dress up if you want.

Goodbye from the whole school and remember to come back and say hello.

Dave at BBELS

Byron Bay Voted In World’s 20 Best Surf Towns – By National Geographic

Byron Bay, Australia

Photograph by Gerald Haenel, laif/Redux

Best For: Families. Australia is a once-in-a-lifetime trip, and Byron Bay and the rest of the country will enchant all age groups.

In an entire continent of surf towns, Byron Bay stands out as one of the spiritual and historical homes of surfing in what is, pound for pound, perhaps the greatest surfing nation in the world. Despite a tendency toward the upscale, Byron is at heart a hippie town that favors live bands, relaxed cafes that source local ingredients, and plenty of “all natural” everything. Combine that with the naturally cheerful disposition of many Aussies and you won’t find better waves in a more pleasant setting anywhere in the world.

The town’s main wave, the Pass, is a classic right-hand point break that accommodates all levels of surfers, though it can get crowded on good swells. Beginners should stay on the beach and more advanced surfers can head south to Broken Head, which has great beach breaks and other classic points.


June to September. The Southern Hemisphere winter barely touches Byron, with only a slight chill in the mornings and mild-to-warm temperatures during the day. The swell pumps the whole time.


Itinerant pro surfer and Byron resident Dion Agius recommends Bay Beach Hire & Travel as “the best surf school in town and the best way to get amongst the waves with qualified instructors.”


A contemporary restaurant called Italian at the Pacific is Agius’s favorite. “It’s great for dinner and drinks with friends,” he says. “It’s right on the beach in the heart of town, with an amazing menu and even better cocktails—especially the coconut chili martinis and the Amaretto sours.”


At the Beach Hotel, check out the surf from your room and the live music and locally brewed beers on tap.


A two-hour drive into the hinterland puts you into the heart of Queensland’s Gondwana forests, which are remnants of prehistoric rain forests that look like something out of Jurassic Park, complete with giant monitor lizards and all types of marsupials.

Local Tip

Surfing points comes with important rules of etiquette. All you really need to remember is to wait your turn and be patient. You won’t get as many waves as you would at a beach but can easily get the best wave of your life.

What to do this weekend?

Friday Night:
The Rails: Vanessa Baker & The Electric Electric

Beach Hotel (Beachy): I am Apollo with Potato Potato

DENDY CINEMA: ted 7.25 & 9:30, The Amazing Spider-Man all sessions, Snow White & The Huntsman 9:10

FOOTBALL@ REC GROUNDS with Sek & Dave 3:30 meet downstairs.

Open Water License Scuba Dive course 8:00am – 4:00pm Sat & Sun and the following weekend. See Dave at activities for details.

Ash’s Surf Report: Good surf for learners and beginners, small in the Bay about 3-4 foot.

Mojo Surf Surfing lessons: Saturday & Sunday 11:30 – 4:00 $130 for both days.