Top Tips for IELTS & Cambridge students


In class:

  • ASK if you have any questions
  • try not to speak over your classmates or when the teacher is talking
  • be responsible for your own learning
  • don’t always rely on a dictionary
  • review your lessons at the end of each day

Out of class:

  • keep a folder
  • create a vocabulary list
  • read the newspaper, listen to the radio, watch TV and go to movies
  • mix with people outside your own language group

A quick quiz:

  1. Which skills are tested in the exam?
  2. How often will we do practice tests?
  3. Can you use a dictionary in the exam?
  4. Do you have a partner in the speaking exam?
  5. How many times will you hear the listening tasks?
  6. How long do you have for the reading, listening and speaking?

(Check your answers with your teacher)

Essential classroom language:

How do you spell…?

What does…mean?

How do you pronounce this word?

Do you mind if I…?

Excuse me.





Remember to have fun…

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