Newspaper Report by Mia, Pre-Intermediate

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This morning our town had very exciting visitor from Saudi Arabia.
His majesty was seen at the Byron Bay Market by the reporters. He was shopping for food for his cooking class at the Byon Bay English Language School. He had a lot of bodyguards and one secret and very beautiful japanese woman with him. He wore traditional dress with red and white traditional ‘shmag’. And then he visited a local supermarket Woolworths. Local people were very surprised when he came to the supermarket with his bodyguards and classmates. One local woman, Sabrina K. said: “He looked amazing and he was so nice!” He bought some food and then he went to BBEL school. From a very reliable person in his class we know he cooked a special pasta from Sardinia and we know that the pasta was very delicious. We hope that King Abdul continues to visit a lot of places in Byron Bay.

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