Top Tips for IELTS & Cambridge students


In class:

  • ASK if you have any questions
  • try not to speak over your classmates or when the teacher is talking
  • be responsible for your own learning
  • don’t always rely on a dictionary
  • review your lessons at the end of each day

Out of class:

  • keep a folder
  • create a vocabulary list
  • read the newspaper, listen to the radio, watch TV and go to movies
  • mix with people outside your own language group

A quick quiz:

  1. Which skills are tested in the exam?
  2. How often will we do practice tests?
  3. Can you use a dictionary in the exam?
  4. Do you have a partner in the speaking exam?
  5. How many times will you hear the listening tasks?
  6. How long do you have for the reading, listening and speaking?

(Check your answers with your teacher)

Essential classroom language:

How do you spell…?

What does…mean?

How do you pronounce this word?

Do you mind if I…?

Excuse me.





Remember to have fun…


Name: Kyoko McMahon

What is your job at BBELS? Reception/enrolment

How long have you been working at the school?  Nearly 7 years!!!

What do you like most about working at BBELS?  Meeting new students, learning about different cultures and seeing happy faces.

At BBELS everybody should … speak English, study hard & enjoy life in Byron.

In Byron Bay everybody should … go to the beach & learn to surf.

New students should … try to talk to as many students as possible.

What do you do in your free time?  Traveling, reading, surfing the internet and gardening.

Spotlight on YOU!

Yosuke is a 37 year old Japanese student at BBELS.
He is doing an English + Yoga course for one month and is living in a Student House.

One of his hobbies is music – he played at our last school party on Saturday night, last Thursday he played with Michael at The Rails and yesterday at the OPC with Max.
He enjoys being in Byron Bay, particularly when he is surfing with his friends.
His future plans are definitely more travelling, surfing and music! He likes eating pasta and his favourite band is … well, there are too many!!!
Unfortunately he graduates today and we wish him all the best and we hope to see him again, maybe surfing at one of Byron Bay’s awesome beaches!

Love is in the air…

At school we often have students who meet and fall in love…

Our latest couple met at school and have sent us photos of their traditional Korean wedding!!!

We want to say congratulations and good luck to Su (HA GYOUNGSU) and Loa (KANG YOUJEONG) ).

Su wrote in an email:

“Looking back 4 years ago, 2008 was one of  the most wonderful times in my life. During my studies at BBELS, I improved my English communication, understood other cultures and to be open minded.

Today, I am really happy to inform you of my wedding  and the lady is Loa, who I met at BBELS.”


Name:  Siobhan Foley

What is your job at BBELS? Director of Studies (DoS)

How long have you been working at the school? I started as a teacher and now I am the DoS … Over 9 years!!!

What do you like most about working at BBELS? Working with people from all over the world

At BBELS everybody should … “Speak English”

In Byron Bay everybody should … enjoy the beautiful beaches

New students should … make a friend from another country

What do you do in your free time? At the moment I am learning to surf. I also like walking up to the lighthouse. On the weekends I enjoy breakfast at a nice café, going to garage sales and taking my dog to the beach.

There is lots of great live music, openings and festivals in Byron, which I love going to as well.