Spotlight on YOU!

Name: Silon Dall Bosco

Info: Brazilian/Italian

I feel happiest when … I go surfing with my friends

In Byron Bay everybody should … take care of the environment

The world could be a better place if … people became more lovely

I wish English was … fun to learn

Today or tomorrow? Today

Why? Yesterday is past, tomorrow is a possibility but today is a gift! This is why we call it present 😉

I still haven’t … enough vocabulary to arrive where I want

When I was a child, I used to … play without thinking. Now I’m thinking about playing!

I always … feel happy when I see my friends

This time next year … I’ll have travelled around the world

My favourite afternoon school activity is … Yoga

What I am going to do next is … travel around Asia, Hawaii, California, Central America and finally go back to South Brazil

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