Fraser Island Trip – February 2012

Day 1: We, 31 students and Max, left the school on Thursday after lunch. After 6 hours on the Nimbin Shuttle we arrived at Dingo’s hostel in Rainbow Beach, where we put our stuff in our rooms and had a dip in the pool. After dinner (Burger & chips) we relaxed at the hostel, had a beer (or two), talked to other people and just had fun.

Day 2: After our last real shower for the next 3 days we had delicious pancakes for breakfast and everybody was excited to get started!  The hostel-staff gave us all the information we needed and helped us to prepare our cars (4 cars with 8 people). They gave us our food-packages and all the equipment for our adventure. Students with a valid driver’s licence were allowed to drive the 4WD during the trip. After we left Dingo’s with an experienced guide, who drove the lead-car, we had a 10 minute ferry-ride to the island. The first stop was at EURONG were we prepared our first meal: sandwiches. After that we went on a 40min walking track to Lake Wabby, a beautiful green freshwater lake, on the bottom of the lake were huge sand dunes.
Next stop: refreshing and beautiful Eli creek, where we had a lot of fun floating down the clear and clean water. Then it was time to set up our camp on the beach … the fact that some people hadn’t ever put up a tent by their own made it pretty funny! After everyone finished dinner we sat down on the beach, played music, talked and had a great night after an amazing first day.

Day 3: After the first night sleeping 2-3 people in a tent (with loads of sand) we went to have breakfast and a morning swim at Eli creek (because of annoying march-flies around our camp). The second destination that day was the Champagne Pools which are naturally formed rock pools. Afterwards we had lunch at the beach, played beach volleyball/football and had a nap in the shade…On the other end of the beach, Indian Head was waiting for us! From there we had an amazing view and we enjoyed a refreshing breeze. Of course we didn’t miss the famous and impressive ship wreck… After such a long sunny day we were more than happy to have a dip in Eli creek to get clean! We enjoyed our last dinner at the camp while a few dingoes enjoyed some chips they had found in our tents… And again we spent a beautiful night together on the beach.

Day 4: After we had tidied up the camp and had put all our stuff in the cars we stopped at EURONG to have breakfast before heading to Lake McKenzie – definitely one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever seen!!  The water was just the perfect temperature and it is that clear that even if it is about 3-4 meters deep you can see the bottom. After a bumpy ride back to the beach we had our last meal on Fraser Island… Back in Rainbow Beach we had to clean the cars but as compensation we got some free beer and had a dip in the pool at Dingo’s. On our way back to Byron Bay everybody was sleeping and probably dreaming about an incomparable and unforgettable trip to Fraser Island …

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