Kogaru Art Boomerang “burrung” with Scott.

On Tuesday after class, a group of students joined Scott Rotamah from Kogaru Art for a Boomerang Workshop. Scott, an Aboriginal artist from the Bunjalung community of Northern New South Wales, showed the students how to paint traditional symbols onto their own boomerang. He also explained that the word “boomerang” is English; the Aboringinal word is “burrung”.
The students learned how Aboriginal hunters used boomerangs to scare birds from crocodile swamps in Northern Queensland, making it easier and safer to hunt them.
On Wednesday, after the paint had dried, the students took their “burrungs” to the park to learn how to throw them. Most students were successful in getting them to return and Violeta from Spain was clearly the best!
Everyone had to duck for cover as her boomerang whizzed back over their heads!

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