This week we saw the return of Thomas Schenker.
How many times have you been to Byron Bay? Three times so far, the first was in 2009 to study the Cambridge Advanced English (CAE) course, then 2010 when I went to the outback, now 2011, I am studying in the advanced class for 1 week.
Why did you come to Byron Bay the first time? My friend’s girlfriend studied at BBELS in Frank’s Cambridge class the year before, she said “if you get Frank as a teacher you will be lucky”.
Why did you come back to Byron Bay? To visit Frank, Max the school and to surf.
What did you most enjoy about studying CAE in BBELS? Frank is a fantastic teacher; the style of his teaching is personal. You feel that he is eager to improve students’ English; his lessons are engaging and interesting. He always knows when students need to have a break and get some fresh air.
Tell me about your homestay? I stayed with Max he was my homestay father and I got to know him well, I played at the BBELS balcony 14 times for BBQs and buddy nights!
It was great because in homestay you can only speak English, you get to meet the locals and do what the locals do.
Who would you recommend BBELS to? I would recommend it to everyone, especially if you like music, surfing and outdoor sports.
Will we see you back here again? Hopefully in two years to study Cambridge Proficiency in English.
*Outback (n) = the remote and usually uninhabited inland regions of Australia.

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