Fantastic Cambridge Results

We are very happy to announce the results of the June Cambridge Examinations. 100% of our CAE students and 7 of our 8 FCE students passed their exams. For the last 10 years BBELS has helped more than 600 internationals students to pass the Cambridge Examinations. It is one of our most difficult courses.

We are proud of the quality of our exam preparation courses and of the talents of our teachers. Frank, the BBELS CAE coordinator, has taught at least 22 Cambridge Exam preparation courses at BBELS and Lisa has taught more than 10. Congratulations to all of our successful students. And remember English Only!!!

Buddy BBQ Night

Another great Buddy night – even on a cool winter’s evening! 80 of our BBELS students had dinner with a student from a different country and different class – and of course only English was spoken.

BBELS students enjoyed a night of fine food and drinks, with great steaks and salads from our chef in Café Oska. More drinks were had upstairs with entertainment from Max, Michael and some of our musical students!

BBELS Goes Greeen with Solar Power

BBELS Goes Solar
“The Byron Bay English Language school has recently installed a 9.6 Kw solar electric system on their campus roof. The instalment includes 42 solar panels that will produce close to half of the school’s electricity requirements. Additionally all of the BBELS student houses have solar hot water systems.
“ We are delighted to invest in renewable energy technologies, and have them visible to our international students. We know that the future holds well for responsible actions by organisations to adapt to new technologies. Many of our student comment that such installations are a positive image for the school.”

Mr O’Grady also commented that their location in Byron Bay also helps:
“Byron Bay is a sunny place. Ever since we installed it, the sun has been at work for us.”