Wet weather days

What to do when it is raining in Byron Bay???            

1. Hang out in Woolies – a great place to meet your friends and see what your teachers are eating.

2. Go to the Movies – Cheap Tuesday and a great way to improve your listening skills.

3. Organise a Ten Pin Bowling excursion with Max.

4. Play on a full size Billiard table at the RSL.

5. Join the Library – a great place to borrow books.

6.  Visit the Arts & Industry Estate and have a tour of local artists’ studios.

7.  Go to the gym and join a Zumba class – follow instructions, meet locals and lose weight at the same time.

8. Join the BBELS facebook – make all the past students feel jealous that you are in Byron Bay.

9. Do a yoga class at the Byron Yoga Centre – you may even be taught by an old BBELS student www.byronyoga.com  

10. Volunteer at the Community Centre’s soup kitchen and give something back to the Byron community.

4 thoughts on “Wet weather days

  1. Hi Siobhan
    how are you?
    I ‘m student at BBELS. I’m happy to be here for long time to study here

    Kind regards

  2. hi!I am pablo,I came from spain,madrid.I am going to stay here 6 month and I arrived one month ago.this month has been very interesting,I meet a lot of people from other countries and I have enjoyed the city.I like come to school.cheers!!

  3. Hi Siobhon,
    This week is the first week to study at BBELS.
    I’m japanese and it’s difficult for me to talk and express my opinion but I hope that I will impove my English!!

  4. Good afternoon!!!
    My name is Masanori Itozawa. Do you remember me?
    Now I will take another contorys people in English. But My English isn”t so good. But I will try speak English everyday.Becouse I like everyone. Iwill be best. And Can you eat lunch togather.

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