Congratulations to our Cambridge Exam Students


Image courtesy of Cambridge English

Byron Bay English Language School has had fantastic news regarding the results of our June Cambridge exam students. We are proud of the students who studied so enthusiastically in both the CAE and FCE classes. We are also very proud of our Cambridge teachers who guided the students through the 12 week course.

Every student in the FCE class passed the exam with some exceptional results in all areas of the test. This is now the second time this year that we have had a 100% pass rate for each student taking the FCE exam.

The CAE class also had an extremely high success rate. In fact 30% of the students received a grade A or grade B. Well done!

The results show that Byron Bay English Language School is a place where students who are serious about passing exams will have the professional guidance to achieve their goals. Our school perfectly balances academia with healthy lifestyle experiences such as surfing, swimming, yoga outside of the classroom.

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Certificate IV: Yoga Teacher Trainer Course


Students becoming yoga teachers (photo courtesy of the Byron Bay Yoga Centre)

We have good news for all of our students who are interested in becoming a yoga teacher. Byron Bay Yoga Centre now offers a CRICOS approved 12-month Certificate IV Yoga Teacher Trainer course. This is great for students who have a 12-month student visa.

Participants study 2 days a week in addition to a few hours of online study each week. This could be a good opportunity for students with an intermediate level of English or higher to learn a new skill while extending their time in Byron Bay.

For more information please visit the Byron Bay Yoga Centre website.



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Ya from Thailand interviews Inma from Spain.

Ya and Imma

Please meet our next two students … Inma from Spain and Ya from Thailand. In this interview Ya asks Inma about why she came to Byron Bay to study English. The interview was part of an activity designed to improve reported speech. It shows how studying grammar can be a creative activity and one that brings cultures together.

I spoke to Inma yesterday. She comes from Spain and has been in Byron Bay for six weeks.

My first question to her was why she had decided to come to Byron Bay. She replied that she didn’t like big cities and she wanted to live in a peaceful place. She added that Bryon has good weather and the people are very nice. She had been talking to a person who used to live in Byron Bay before and he recommended that she come and study at BBELS. She also told me that she hadn’t been able to find a job since she graduated from university. She hopes that having a high level of English will help her get a better job.

I wondered what she did to improve her English. She told me that she always does her homework and speaks English all the time at school. She added that she has made a lot of friends with local people and she can practice her English with them. I asked her what other things besides English she has learned at BBELS. She said that she has already learned a lot about other cultures from her foreign friends.

Finally, I asked my last question, “Do you want to stay longer in Byron Bay?” She replied that she would love to stay longer if she could.

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Meet the students: Delia from Switzerland interviews Nanami from Japan


It is always interesting to read about our students impressions of Byron Bay, especially those who come from cultural backgrounds very different from what is found here. In today’s post Delia (Swiss) interviews Nanami from Tokyo.

Yesterday I interviewed Nanami from Japan at the Byron Bay English School about her life in Byron Bay and Byron Bay itself. Nanami is in the Upper Intermediate class and has been in Byron Bay for eight weeks.

Firstly, I asked her how she would describe Byron Bay. She told me that Byron Bay was very different from Tokyo. She added that the natural environment is so beautiful in Byron and the way of life is so relaxed. I wanted to know why she chose to live with a homestay family while she was studying. She answered that she wanted to have contact with local people and learn about the customs and food of Australia. She told me that she felt more at home with a homestay family than in a student house.

Finally, I asked Nanami what she did in her spare time. She told me she loved to go to the beach, to spend time with her friends and to talk with her homestay grandmother.

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Direct Entry: study at NSW TAFE


The local TAFE campus at Kingscliff (image courtesy of North Coast TAFE)

Are you interested in developing your career options? BBELS now has a Direct Entry agreement with NSW TAFE. This means our Upper-intermediate and Advanced level students can enter a NSW TAFE course without sitting the IELTS exam. This is fantastic news for students who wish to stay in Australia and study at a tertiary level.

NSW TAFE has a huge variety of courses including: commercial cookery, hospitality and tourism, social work, graphic design, fashion design, carpentry. Several of our graduates are already enrolled in these courses and have told us how much they are enjoying them.


A cooking class at North Coast TAFE (image courtesy of North Coast TAFE)

Several of the courses offered by NSW TAFE offer work placement after graduating. The commercial cookery course at the Kingscliff campus is one such course. We have also been told that the job prospects of graduates from the social work course are quite strong as Australia has a shortage of people working in this industry.

The local North Coast TAFE has several campuses, many of them within driving distance from Byron Bay. You could choose to study in either Kingscliff, Ballina, Lismore, Murwillumbah while still living in the Byron Bay region.

Please speak with Sonia or Jaydea if you would like to know more about studying at NSW TAFE.

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Understanding General English Courses at Byron Bay English Language School

General English photo

General English is the most popular English course at BBELS. Students can choose between studying part-time or full-time depending on their type of visa and length of their study period.

BBELS offers 5 different levels of General English courses: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced. Students are allocated in different levels according to their English skills and knowledge. General English courses are designed for students who want to improve their ability to communicate in English in both social and work situations. The programme provides a solid foundation of the English Language, with each level being designed to cover the skills of speaking, reading, writing, listening, as well as pronunciation and grammar.

BBELS Cooking Class

BBELS Cooking Class

Our General English classes are very dynamic and topic based. Students learn in a very natural and enjoyable way, including through the use of interactive materials, such as DVD’s, CD’s, books and outdoors activities. There is a variety of class activities too, from individual work to pair work to small group exercises.

At BBELS, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced students can choose elective classes to complete the General English programme. Elective classes offer full time General English (GE) students an opportunity to focus on their own special needs and interests. It is a very popular part of our GE programme. Student feedback indicates a high level of satisfaction with this component of our GE course. Elective classes are mixed-level, and currently we offer the following themes:

• Vocabulary and Speaking
• Australian Studies
• Cinema Studies
• English Structure
• Work in Australia – Hospitality and Tourism
• Listening and Pronunciation
• Reading and Writing skills
• Aromatherapy and Wellness
• Business English
• Conversation Class

Elective classes take place in the afternoons, and a minimum of 6 students is required for a particular Elective class to run.


BBELS English plus Surf

General English is also recommended to students who want to come to Byron Bay to combine studies and holidays. BBELS has different options for part-time students to enjoy the natural wonders of this area. For those who love sport, we offer our “English Plus” courses, which are a combination of General English part-time, and different sports. English learners can enjoy surf lessons, diving, music or Yoga after the English classes.

paula 14

BBELS English plus Skateboarding

No matter which English level you are, General English is suitable for you. Are you interested in an intensive English course, or do you want to combine English while immersed in the Australian culture? General English covers it all. Are you keen to enjoy Byron Bay’s beaches during your holidays and improve your English skills? Come to BBELS, enrol in a G.E. course, and learn to live!

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Meet the students: Diego from Spain

photo 3

Diego enjoying the surf at Byron Bay

Meet Diego! He is one of our Spanish students here at the Byron Bay English Language School. Diego has recently completed a course to prepare him for the First Certificate in English exam. His time at the school was so positive that he will be coming back to complete an IELTS course. In this interview Diego talks about his impressions of Byron Bay and our school.


Diego, can you tell us why you decided to come to Australia?

I decided to come to Australia because right now Spain is in a bad economic and social situation. That made me think about going abroad for a period of time until the situation in my country changes. Another reason that made me choose Australia was the weather and the lovely and friendly people who live here.

photo 1

Cycling back to town from the Lighthouse

Why did you choose BBELS?

I chose BBELS because my idea of being abroad was to find a job and learn English at the same time. One of my friends back in Spain told me about the school and after comparing and looking at different things, BBELS was the chosen one due to the location of the school and the reviews that I read on the internet.

photo 3 (1)

Diego and his Cambridge teacher Ash

Can you tell us your impressions of BBELS?

The school is good, the teachers are good. Almost everything in and around the school is good.

How do you expect the English you have been learning at BBELS to help you when you get back to your country?

Actually I don’t want to go back to my country. Once you are abroad you don’t know what your future will bring you but nowadays if I need to choose something I will choose stay longer in Australia. One of my ideas is to apply for the work and holiday visa and then go to Melbourne and try to find a job in design, which is what I have studied. But if I get back to my country, English as a language will help me to find a better job in better companies.

photo 2
BBELS Soccer Team consisting of students from all over the world

Could you tell us about how the school supports its students? Have you had any assistance from the school to find a good accommodation, a job or for further visas?

The school has been helping me since the first day I arrived. Special thanks to Sonia and Marcos for all the support and good vibes that they have given me. Sonia has helped me with every problem that I had. Sonia not only is a good employee for the school but is also a really good help for the students, helping us with problems from the school and also problems outside the school. Marcos is the perfect example of happiness in Byron Bay. He is always helping and always smiling. He will stop doing his job to sacrifice his time for helping the students, a really good man. About visas, Sonia and I are working to apply for my work and holiday visa.

photo 5
At BBELS, everyone should….?

At BBELS everyone should speak English. It’s so annoying when people make groups and only talk their mother language.

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